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“Dr. Richard Lauve is a great asset to the healthcare industry. His expertise has been tapped nationwide. His ability to forecast the direction our healthcare system is going has resulted in a national reputation for being a futurist. Dr. Lauve has innovative ideas on how physicians, hospital staff and Board members can work together for the greater good of the patients. He has realized that in order to improve the quality of healthcare, an organization must first focus on improving the relationships of those delivering care. I fully support this view and look forward to continuing to work with Dr. Richard Lauve.”



“Our health system engaged Richard to provide an orientation to our Medical Staff Leaders regarding the changing healthcare marketplace as well as challenges that would face them during their terms. He performed this service on two occasions as well as providing a special session for the Medical Directors. His work was excellent and his presentations were clear, concise, and topical. His presentations provided substantial aid to us in our efforts to convey the imperative of transparency of quality measures to our medical staff. I highly recommend him.”



“Dr. Lauve is an extremely accomplished consultant and expert in the field of health care and the complex economic and professional relationships between health care providers and payors. He is highly knowledgeable in his subject matter and seeks positive, efficient, economically sensible solutions to professional and financial issues between providers and payors, including physicians, hospitals and insurers. Among others things, having participated with him on speaker panels, I can also state he is articulate, engaging, and would be a positive influence in any working environment in addition to the remarkable expertise he brings to problem solving based upon his many years of service in this arena. Needless to say, as a physician he also possesses the broad scientific knowledge to understand the patent relationships and medical efficacy in successfully delivering health care. I strongly recommend him.”